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Your One Stop Shop for Fun Asian Eats Enthusiasts.

Located in Houston, Texas, GBT Foods, Inc. serves as a business consultant to many restaurants and businesses in the foodservice industry. We pride ourselves in top quality products with top quality service!

Founded upon how people are always craving sweets, and that they are also always looking for fun ways to satisfy their sweet tooth. That’s how GBT Foods, Inc. came about to be in the fast-growing foodservice industry! GBT now provides hundreds of products such as bubble tea, snow ice, dessert toppings and store supplies and equipment for businesses, distributors and consumers across the USA.

We supply everything from boba tea, Bursting Bobas®, dessert toppings, Taiwanese style snow ice to major kitchen appliances such as our Tea Espresso Machine, fructose dispenser and even store supplies. GBT Foods, Inc. delivers to thousands of retail businesses and consumers in the Mid-West and East Coast area.

We also offer BOBA ACADEMY. Boba Academy offers hands-on training and product education for bubble tea & more for new and long-time businesses. Great refresher course!

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