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Bursting Boba by Bossen is becoming more popular in the frozen yogurt, bubble tea, and dessert industry. It is a fruity juice ball that contains real fruit juice inside. The outside shell is made of a seed weed extract and is healthy to eat.


Bubble tea syrup is one of the essential elements for flavored iced tea. We sell Bossen’s top-quality concentrated syrups, which include a wide variety of flavors and real fruit flavors.

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Some popular bubble tea can’t be complete without powder. Taro smoothie, one of the all-time bestsellers at bubble tea shops, is one of them. Powders are easy for bubble tea making and delivers top quality.

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Who doesn’t love the marshmallow-like texture of Japanese style rice cake? It’s always a highlight of a dessert.

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Tapioca boba pearls are the essential of bubble tea. Bossen’s tapioca pearls are made from high-quality starch and gives you the most authentic Taiwanese flavor.

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Jellies are made from nata de coco or konjar. They are delicious treats that can be used as mix-ins and toppings for vietnamese chè, or for creating tropical smoothies and refreshing bubble teas.

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